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Aragon 3 Eco - Under Sink System
Aragon 3 Eco - Under Sink System

Aragon 3 Eco - Under Sink System

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Looking for clean, great-tasting drinking water on your boat, with the healthy minerals left in?

Picture this:

  • Water with most, if not all impurities removed - suitable for drinking, cooking, washing, and cleaning.

  • Beneficial minerals are left in the water, unlike many other filtering systems that take out the good along with the bad.

  • Hard water is turned soft, without the use of salts (this is unique to the filters we offer).

  • Tap water tastes great - no more of that unpleasant "Boat Tank Taste".

The Eco Under Sink System is quick and easy to install under your outlet, and works to filter out impurities that may have been introduced in your tank or your pipes.

This filter is of course based on the Aragon technology we offer with its unique four-approach water filtering process:

  1. Mechanical Filtration

  2. Ion Exchange

  3. Sorption

  4. Disinfection

So this gives you great tasting, healthy, soft water, literally on tap.

Note: Comes with one Aragon 3 Eco cartridge.



Size: 22.5cm x 17.1cm
Water purification from: +4°C to +95°C
Typical Life Span: 12,000 litres
Typical Filtering Speed: 2.5 litres per minute
Made From: High grade stainless steel 304L
Cleaning: Pressure relief valve and drainage for sludge and sediment
Connector: ½” and 1” pipe connections


Like all Aragon 3 filters, it removes a tremendous amount of harmful contaminants from your water including:

Chlorine 99.9%
Pesticides 92.0%
Petroleum products 90.0%
Heavy metals 100.0
Dirt, sand and harmful particles > 0.1 μm in size 99.0%
Bacteria and viruses, including legionella and salmonella 99.9%
Lead, zinc, cadmium 95.0%
Iron 95.0%
Aluminium 97.0%


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