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SNK (Stainless Steel) Filtration Cartridge [10SL]

SNK (Stainless Steel) Filtration Cartridge [10SL]

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The SNK filtration cartridge doesn't filter such small particles as the PP and PPY filters, but will have a much longer life.  Of course, they could potentially be used together, rather than one or the other, but that isn't necessary of course.

And since this filter is made of metal, it can be rinsed and cleaned at any time, and will typically have a very long life.  It also supports a higher temperature of water, up to 95°С.

Think of this filter as a collection of strong sieves, working to remove solid impurities from your water well before they can reach your main filter.

So if you need to filter water above 40°С, or simply would rather avoid having to change sediment cartridges regularly, then do give thought to installing this filter.


Effective Temperature: 4°С to 95°С
Size: 10SL
Porosity: 15, 25, 50, 70, 90 μm (multiple filters in one)