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PPY (Polypropylene Yarn) Filtration Cartridge [10SL]

PPY (Polypropylene Yarn) Filtration Cartridge [10SL]

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The PPY is similar to the PP cartridge, but more suited if you're looking to filter a lot of mud.  It's an incredibly powerful filter in fact.

And as with the PP cartridge, it will also help remove dirt, suspended solids, and insoluble impurities such as rust and sand.

It's simple to install and replace, and again buying more than one at a time is often recommended, to help avoid any filtering interruptions once this cartridge reaches the end of its life.

And do remember - keeping such impurities away from your Aragon 3 system helps your whole boat system work at full effectiveness for longer.


Effective Temperature: 4°С to 40°С
Size: 10SL
Porosity: 5 μm