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Aragon 3 Eco Cartridge

Aragon 3 Eco Cartridge

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Got our Eco system installed on your boat and need a replacement cartridge?

Typically our Eco cartridges are effective for 12,000 litres.  Importantly however, unlike many competitor cartridges, when these filters are no longer effectively working, water processing speed slows significantly, so that it's clear the cartridge needs replacing.

So if it's time to replace your Eco cartridge, or if you'd just like to be prepared, grab yourself one or more replacement cartridges here so that you can continue to get the benefits of our Eco system without interruption:

  • Clean and great-tasting water with the healthy minerals left in.

  • Softened water without the salt.  We refer to this unique process as "Quasi Softening".

It's simple to replace the cartridge in your Eco system.  And the specifications remain the same of course:


Water purification from: +4°C to +95°C
Typical Life Span: 12,000 litres
Typical Filtering Speed: 2.5 litre per minute


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