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Why Hard Water is No Friend to Your Boat (and What to do About It)

Look at the image to the left of this text, then answer the following question:

Will limescale build up be beneficial for your boat?

Sorry... of course that's a silly question!

Imagine the limescale build up you may already be experiencing in your kettle at home, but instead spread throughout your boat.

Or perhaps at home you've experienced problems with your washing machine because of limescale build up?  That's expensive to fix, and avoiding that problem is the entire reason millions upon millions of Calgon tablets are sold every year.

So yes, soft water rather than hard water will definitely help avoid a lot of potential issues in your boat.  And yes, when bringing water on board some water sources are going to contain harder water than other sources.  In particular, quayside water often contains a lot of hardness.

So if you don't convert this hard water into soft water, you're likely to experience:

  • Limescale build up across your boat.  Potentially in:

    • Water lines

    • Pumps

    • Tanks

    • Heaters

    • (This could all lead to serious complications.)

  • Persistent streaks when cleaning your boat.  These can be difficult to get rid of and can make a lot more work for you.

  • Drinks, and your food in general, not tasting as good as it could.

Whereas by converting hard water into soft water, you'll experience:

  • Easier cleaning.

  • Better tasting food and drinks.

  • Less mechanical complications due to limescale build up.

  • Softer and better feeling hair and skin when washing

So do give serious thought to softening all water that comes on board.  However, keep in mind there's more than one approach to softening water...

One common method is using salts that turn hard water soft, but they come with the following disadvantages:

  • Water has much higher sodium content, which can have negative health effects.

  • It removes beneficial minerals from the water.

  • It makes it difficult, even frustrating, to wash away soap.

This, along with many other benefits is why we've chosen to exclusively offer the Aragon range of filters.

Not only do these filters remove a tremendous amount of impurities from the water - while - keeping the beneficial minerals in...

But this range of filters are truly unique due to what we refer to as the "quasi softening" they offer.

Effectively - with Aragon filters you get the benefits of soft water, while avoiding the negatives.

Yes, we know it may sound a little "too good to be true", but this is one of the many reasons we've chosen to exclusively offer these filters to you.  And why we applied to be the first distributor in Western Europe to have the rights to offer you these filters.

As soon as you try out these filters on your boat, we believe you'll be as delighted to use them, as we are to offer them to you.  And that's why we stand 100% behind our Pure Water Promise - if for any reason you're not happy with these filters, we'll replace or refund your order.

Here's why we can give you such a guarantee:

We want you to be delighted.  We'd love to have you as a customer for years.  And we'd love for you to refer your friends to us too.  And because of the quality and effectiveness of these filters, we feel incredibly confident you'll be thrilled with the benefits they give you.

So if for any reason you don't feel the filters we offer you are giving you some of the purest water you can get on a boat, please do just let us know.