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Buying Guide

If you have any questions about the right products for your boat, please do feel free to get in touch.

However, on this page we'll also aim to give you a guide to help you understand which of our products are the best fit for your boat, and rapid benefits you can see from them.

Now, to determine the right filters and set-up for your boat, it comes down to the following questions:

  • How much water do you estimate you'll be filtering?

  • Would you like a quayside filtering system - as well as - a whole boat filtering system? (This is recommended.)

  • Would you like the purest drinking water possible?

  • Which is the right sediment filter for your boat?

Let's go through these questions in turn...

How Much Water Will You be Filtering?

The main points determining how much water you'll be filtering are:

  • The size of your vessel.

  • How many people are on your boat.

Simply put - if you truly care about the quality of water throughout your entire boat, you'll be looking to install one of our whole boat filtering systems, .

These systems:

  • Are simple to install.

  • Filter rapidly.

  • Are long-lasting.

  • And make a dramatically positive difference to the quality of the water on your boat.

And it comes down to three options:

  • Typhoon Slimline - 10SL / 15 litres a minute / 15,000 litre lifespan (typical)

  • Typhoon Standard - 10BB / 25 litres a minute / 25,000 litre lifespan (typical)

  • Typhoon XL - 20BB / 50 litres a minute / 50,000 litre lifespan (typical)

So do give this some thought.  And as mentioned, if you'd like some help, please do get in touch with us by clicking on the Contact link at the top of the page, or we also have our contact details at the bottom of every page.

Is Quayside Filtering Needed?

Quayside water can contain a lot more hardness than water brought on board from other sources.  And so it's strongly recommended you filter out much of this hardness before it ever reaches your main filter.

The reason for this is the more impurities you filter out before they ever reach your whole boat system, the faster it will filter water, and the longer its effective lifespan will be.

So if you're bringing a good quantity of water on board while quayside, we strongly recommend:

Looking For Much Purer Drinking Water?

Our whole boat filtering systems will have a dramatically positive impact on the quality of the water you bring on board.

However, water in a tank often accumulates a certain taste and smell that isn't particularly pleasant.

Plus, the larger your boat, and the older the boat, means water can also collect numerous impurities as it works its way around the pipes on the way to your outlets.

So we also have a smaller (but wonderfully effective) version of our whole boat filtering system which we call the Eco.

This filter gets installed at any outlet where you want drinkable water.  And is highly recommended if you want clean and great tasting water for drinking and cooking.

Choosing The Right Sediment Filter

Your sediment filter is the first line of defence for filtering water you bring on board.  In particular it's best if mud, dirt, rust, and other such impurities get filtered out well before they reach your whole boat system.

Now, you don't necessarily need a sediment filter - but - without it, it would mean your Aragon filter works that much harder, which can significantly reduce its life and effectiveness.

Whereas our sediment filters are inexpensive, effective, and very simple to install.  There's just three options...

We have the PP (Polypropylene) and PPY (Polypropylene Yarn) filters that remove a huge amount of impurities.  The PPY filter in particular is fantastic for removing most solid impurities from the water, but these filters will need replacing from time to time as they'll become less effective with ongoing use.

And whereas our SNK (Stainless Steel) filter doesn't filter such small impurities as the PP and PPY filters, since it's metal it's very robust, can support much higher temperatures of water, is easy to clean, and will have a very long life.

In Summary


  • Whole Boat Filtering System

    The larger your boat, the larger the recommended filter.  For small boats, the Aragon 3 Standard will be large enough for your needs.

    Whereas for larger boats with more people on board and more outlets, either the Aragon 3 Typhoon or Typhoon XL will be the right choice.

  • Quayside

    Having a specific filter for hard quayside water can be particularly helpful for helping your whole boat filter last much longer.  So for this we recommend the Aragon H in combination with a sediment filter.

  • Pure Drinking Water

    If you'd like great tasting tap water on your boat, without that "boat tank taste", then rather than depending on bottled water, we recommend the Eco filter.  This filters tank water further so that you get high quality drinking water, literally on demand.

  • Sediment Filter

    It's recommended you install a sediment filter for any water you're bringing on board, to help remove impurities well before they reach your whole boat filtering system.

    And keep in mind that the SNK filter, due to being metal is washable and will not need replacing (unless it gets damaged), whereas the PP and PPY filters remove more impurities, but will work ever more slowly over time, and so will need to be replaced somewhat regularly.