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About Us


We believe in pure water for your boat.  However far from land you may be.

If you share that belief, and understand that not every water filter is created equal, then this site is for you.

Whereas other sites can overwhelm you with dozens, even hundreds of product options (of greatly varying quality), we only focus on what we've found to be the most effective filters.  This means less confusion, with wonderful quality water on board your boat.

We are delighted to be the first distributor in Western Europe to have the right to sell the Aragon range of filters.  These filters are remarkable for their ability to produce high-quality, great tasting water - and at the same time - turn hard water into soft water.  We're not aware of any other filter on the market that can match this.


By focusing on Aragon filters exclusively, we are delighted to be able to offer you water filtering solutions that:

  • Filter rapidly while also having a surprisingly long life.

  • Quickly remove a tremendous amount of impurities to give you clean drinking water.

  • Remove hardness from water without salts, so you get all the benefits of soft water without the excess sodium.

  • Remove impurities while leaving in the healthy minerals in (this is rare, since many filters actually remove too much).

  • Always give you great tasting and safe-to-drink water, even if the tank and pipes on your boat aren't the cleanest.

So please browse our product solutions for:

And then please go ahead and place an order, or get in touch if you have any questions at all.

And if you have any questions or concerns at all about ordering, please keep the following in mind:

Our Pure Water Promise

We stand 100% behind the Aragon range of filters that we offer.  We became the first distributor for these filters in Western Europe since we believe they're the optimal solution for pure water on your boat:

  • The Aragon H effectively filters the hardness from quayside water.

  • Our whole boat systems clean all water coming on board and turn it into healthy and soft water for drinking, cooking, washing, and cleaning.

  • Our Eco drinking water system removes any impurities that may have been introduced in your tank or your pipes, and gives you clean, healthy, great-tasting water you can drink straight from the tap.

And since we truly believe that out of all the available options in the market, these filters are an incredible solution if you're serious about clean water on your boat...

We would love for you to be an incredibly happy customer of ours for years to come.  So that's why we can make you the following Pure Water Promise:

If for any reason at all, once you've installed these filters are and using them, you don't feel they're the right solution for your boat, then just let us know and we'll make it right with you.  Whether that's a replacement or a refund, we want you to be happy.

And even more so - we want you to have wonderfully clean water on your boat, whether quayside, on a canal or river, or even out at sea.  And that's why we're so happy to offer the Aragon range to you, and believe that as soon as you start to use these filters on your boat, you'll be absolutely thrilled with the choice you've made.