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Aragon 3 Slimline [10SL] - Whole Boat System
Aragon 3 Slimline [10SL] - Whole Boat System

Aragon 3 Slimline [10SL] - Whole Boat System

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Whether you choose the Aragon 3 Standard, Typhoon, or Typhoon XL simply comes down to how much water you'd like to filter.

So this decision mainly rests on:

  • The size of your boat.

  • The number of outlets on your boat.

  • The length of your journey.

  • How many people will be on your boat.

For more detail on how to choose the right system for your boat, please browse our buying guide.

Now, this standard size whole boat system:

  • Purifies all water that comes on board removing impurities down to a bacterial level...

  • While keeping the beneficial minerals in the water...

  • And also softening the water at the same time, without using salts (this is truly unique compared to other water filtering systems).

This means your tank fills with fresh, clean water, while also helping your boat experience less technical complications due to limescale build up (plus, this makes "streak free" cleaning almost effortless too). 

Note: This system comes with one Aragon 3 Standard cartridge.



Size: 10SL
Water purification from: 4°С – 95°С
Maximum operating pressure: 8 ATM
Typical Life Span: 15,000 litres
Typical Filtering Speed: Up to 15 litres a minute
Made From: High grade stainless steel 304L
Cleaning: Pressure relief valve and drainage for sludge
and sediment
Connector: ½” and 1” pipe connections


Like all Aragon filters, it removes a tremendous amount of harmful contaminants from your water including:

Chlorine 99.9%
Pesticides 92.0%
Petroleum products 90.0%
Heavy metals 100.0
Dirt, sand and harmful particles

> 0.1 μm in size 99.0%

Bacteria and viruses, including legionella and salmonella 99.9%
Lead, zinc, cadmium 95.0%
Iron 95.0%
Aluminium 97.0%


You can read more about our Aragon range of filters here.