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Aragon H (Hard Water) Cartridge [10SL]

Aragon H (Hard Water) Cartridge [10SL]

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We recommend the Aragon H cartridge for use at quayside where water typically contains a lot of hardness.

Consider the Aragon H a specialised version of our Aragon cartridges and so filters many impurities from water, but with a particular focus on:

  • Iron
  • Heavy metals
  • Hardness salts

As mentioned in our buying guide, an effective sediment filter along with the Aragon H removes a lot of impurities and hardness before the water gets anywhere near your whole boat filtering system.

This "pre-filtering" in effect, allows your main filtering system to work more effectively, for longer.  Plus, each set of filters acts as another line of defence which helps keep the water on your boat clean, great-tasting, and healthy.

In particular - consider the fact that quayside water may have a lot of diesel floating in it, so this extra level of filtering can help remove such impurities well before they reach your main Aragon 3 system.

All that said, an Aragon H and sediment filter isn't necessary, since the Aragon works fantastically all by itself to filter pretty much everything you throw at it.


Size: 10SL
Water purification from: 4˚С to 75˚С
Estimated Life Span: 15,000 litre cartridge
Estimated Filtering Speed: Up to 15 litres a minute


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