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Aragon EH Standard [10SL] Cartridge

Aragon EH Standard [10SL] Cartridge

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Although you'll find the Aragon EH Whole Boat System has a tremendously long effective life compared to many alternatives on the market, to keep your system running as effectively as possible, the cartridge will occasionally need replacing.

The estimated lifespan of this cartridge is 15,000 litres.  And it's easy to know when to replace it since the flow of water through the filter will slow considerably.

So do feel free to order one or more replacement cartridges, to help avoid any potential interruption in your on-board water filtering.

The specifications are of course the same as the cartridge that came with the standard system when you purchased it:


Size: 10SL
Water purification from: 4°С – 95°С
Maximum operating pressure: 8 ATM
Typical Life Span: 15,000 litres
Typical Filtering Speed: Up to 15 litres a minute


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