Marine Filters Direct - Superior patented water filters for boats

We believe in pure water for your boat... However far from land you may be.

If you truly value the thought of clean, great-tasting, healthy water on your boat, for drinking, cooking, and washing, then we're here to help that become a reality for you.


By introducing you to the very highest quality water filters for your boat - the Aragon range of water filters.

Perhaps you're wondering - what exactly makes Aragon filters truly unique in the market, and the right choice for your boat?

Well, it's very simple:

One -- These long-lasting and remarkably powerful filters will remove the majority of impurities from your water surprisingly quickly.

Two -- These filters turn hard water into soft water, without using salts.  This is very good for you and your boat.

Three -- And unlike many filters that remove the good along with the bad, Aragon filters keep in the minerals that are important for healthy and great-tasting water.  (Do you really want bland tasting water with zero mineral content?)

Four -- And we have a Pure Water Promise that means there's zero risk to you in trying out these filters.  If these filters aren't everything we promise you, there's absolutely no risk to you if you'd like to replace or refund the filter.  We want you to be a delighted customer, with wonderfully clean water on your boat.

So if quality of water on your boat is truly important to you, then please read on, explore this site, and feel free to place your first (or your next) order with us...

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